Toxicity of methanol seed extract of Moringa Oleifera on Haematological indices of Albino Wistar rats

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‘Kalu Chima Onwuka and Ernest Okemefuna Ukaejiofor

AJLHTS: Original Paper


The effect of methanol extract of Moringa Oleifera seeds were determined in albino wistar rats, though several research works have been conducted on the Moringa Oleifera leaves extract however there is limited data available on the effect of the seeds extract on haematological parameters. This study was conducted to investigate the phytochemical, hematological and toxicological effect of extract of Moringa oleifera seeds in albino Wistar rats

Materials and Methods:

Thirty healthy albino wistar rats weighing between one hundred and twenty and one hundred and seventy grams randomized into five groups of six rats each and ad libitum with Moringa oleifera diets for fourteen days after two weeks of acclimatization in control. The groups were classified on varying concentrations of 25mg/kg,50mg/kg,100mg/kg,125mg/kg and control for groups A,B,C,D,E respectively. The total white blood cells,Red blood cells, Haemoglobin values, Haematocrit and Platelet count tests were carried out using Haematology autoanalyzer phytochemical and histological evaluations of any toxicities of Moringa oleifera seeds extract in albino Wistar rats were also investigated


Phytochemicals such as tannins, saponin, alkaloid/glucoside were found in low, moderate and high concentrations respectively in methanol extract of the Moringa oleifera seeds. The Red Blood Cells, Haemoglobin and Haematocrit values were significantly increased (p<0.05) with decreased Total white cell count for group A on day eight of the administration when compared to the control group. The extract however did not significantly (p>0.05) affect any parameter on day fifteen compared to the control group and day eight

Afr J Lab Haem Transf Sci 2023, 2(1): 23-34 

Toxicity of methanol seed extract of Moringa 


Moringa oleifera seeds extract demonstrated dose and time dependent haemopoietic properties

Key words: Moringa, Oleifera,Haematological,Toxicities,Seeds, Rats.

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