Role of von Willebrand Factor, Fibrinogen, C Reactive Protein, Complete Blood Count and ABO type in monitoring Cardiovascular Disease patients attending University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

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James Inyang Asuquo, Dorathy C. Okpokam, Josephine O. Akpotuzor and Anthony O. Emeribe

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Introduction: Cardiovascular disease is known to be the leading cause of death globally and it is responsible for one third of all global deaths. The research was conducted to assess some complete blood count, von Willebrand factor, fibrinogen, C reactive protein and ABO blood group that could serve as a biomarker for the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. 

Materials and Methods: Three hundred and sixty persons were studied, comprising 200 CVD subjects and 160 apparently healthy persons as controls, between 35-82 years of age. Fifty-nine percent of the CVD subjects were male while female constituted 41%. Questionnaires and folders were used to obtain information. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 22. ABO blood group was determined by standard tube method. Complete Blood Count was carried out with Sysmex counter, von Willebrand factor, Fibrinogen levels and C reactive protein were determined by Enzyme-Link Immuno- sorbent Assay methods, while plasma glucose and lipid profile were determined by colorimetric method. Systolic Blood Pressure and Diastolic Blood Pressure of the participants were determined. Results: Significantly higher value were observed for SBP, DBP, vWf, WBC, RDW-CV, FPG, CRP and MPV among CVD subjects, when compared to control group, While significant lower level of platelet count were recorded among CVD subjects (200.43±70.45/1) compared to control group (234.91+48.85). CVD subjects on treatment recorded significant lower value of vWf (p=0.000) and FPG (p=0.000), compared with untreated subjects. Classification of subjects based on ABO blood type revealed that group O had significantly lower vwf (p=0.000), Group A had significant higher value of plasma glucose compared to other groups. Group A also recorded significant higher value of LDL than other blood groups. CVD subjects who smoke cigarettes had significant raised glucose 

levels (p=0.005) than non-smokers. Significantly lower level of CRP (4.63±3.77mg/L) was seen in female subjects compared to the male (6.41+4.35mg/L)

Conclusion: It concludes that CBC, vWf, SBP, and DBP showed mild significant increase in their plasma level in CVD subjects and their 

assay should form part of the markers for routine diagnosis of CVD in UCTH and can be useful for monitoring of treatment. Keyword: Cardiovascular disease, Haemoglobin, von Williebrand factor, Fibrinogen, ABO blood group, C Reactive Protein.

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