Determination of Some Haematological Parameters and Oxidative Stress Markers in Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Patients Attending Maryam Abacha Women and Children Hospital, Sokoto

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Amina Sulaiman Khalid and Hauwa Buhari Ali

AJLHTS: Original Paper


Introduction: Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is still a persisting scourge in developing countries with devastating medical and social consequences. The goal of this study was to assess the haematological parameters and oxidative stress markers of VVF patients compared with healthy control female subjects

Material and Methods: This study was carried out at VVF Centre, Maryam Abacha Women and Children Hospital, Sokoto. This is a descriptive study conducted on 50 VVF patients and 50 controls to determine some haematological parameters and oxidative stress markers. Questionnaire was used to obtain sociodemographic information while laboratory investigations were used to obtain haematological and free radical marker results

Results: The values obtained from the control and VVF subjects for PCV, RBC, hemoglobin, platelets, lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes and basophils were statistically non-significant (p>0.05) while WBC (5.45 ± 0.31 x 10’/L,59 ± 0.27 x 10’/L) and eosinophil (2.43 ±0.33%, 4.83 ± 0.54%) were statistically significant (p<0.05). For the free radical markers, both Malondialdehyde and glutathione levels were statistically nonsignificant (p>0.05). The correlation of Malondialdehyde and glutathione peroxidase levels with haematological parameters showed that only lymphocyte and monocyte counts were statistically significant respectively

Conclusion: Prolonged obstructed labour, early marriage, ignorance, lack of knowledge are among the factors responsible for the prevalence of VVF in Sokoto State. White blood cell and eosinophil counts should 


Determination of Some Haematological Parameters and Oxidative Stress Markers… 

be included as part of the laboratory investigations for VVF patients which may serve as indication for asymptomatic bacteriuria, women should not be given out of marriage before they reach age of maturity and Formal education should be made free and mandatory for girls’ up to tertiary institution. 

Keywords: Vesicovaginal fistula, Malondialdehyde, Glutathione peroxidase, Basophils, Neutrophils

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